heirloom pizza co. online ordering faq's

Reading through this will make it easy to order pizza online!
How do I order a small, thin pepperoni pizza?
  • Go to the build your own menu and select small sized pizza
  • Choose your crust: gluten free crust is also an option for the small thin size only (+3)
  • Choose pepperoni from the whole pizza topping menu
What if I want to add mushrooms one half and pineapple on the 2nd half?
  • Scroll down to the 1H and 2H pizza topping menu
  • From the 1H pizza topping menu, select mushrooms
  • From the 2H pizza topping menu select pineapple
  • If you want mushroom and pineapple on the same half select 1H mushroom and 1H pineapple.
Some helpful tips for our signature menu - deep dish or thin crust
  • You can remove ingredients, but only one substitution please.
  • You can add ingredients to signature pies for an additional charge
    • Use whole topping menu to add to whole pie.
    • Use 1H and 2H for adding toppings to either half
  • You can order a deep dish signature pie and change the crust to thin and vice versa. Use the crust change option.
  • Use the special request button for options not on the menu.
  • Half and half signature pies must be ordered by phone. Sorry! It’s just a bit complicated…

Please call us if you are unsure about your order or have any questions!




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